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Just got back from Pensacola and the filming of John's newest DVD. I spent 4 days with John and as soon as he picked me up from the airport I could tell he was very excited about this project.

Typical John, as soon as we left the airport he wanted to go hit some golf balls, so off to the driving range we went. 100+ golf balls later and we were on are way to the pool room to just goof off before dinner, the filming was going to start tomorrow morning. We played a quick 200 point game for dinner and he stepped up in the third inning and ran 114, dinner was on me.

The great aspect of this DVD is that John will have a wireless mic on him throughout the entire run and will be explaining everything he is doing along the way.

We arrived at the pool room at 9 AM and set up the equipment. The first run of the day ended at 86 when we discovered the sound wasn't working. Three more attempts with nothing more than 70+ so we called it a day because the room opened for buisness. We came back later that day for a few more games between the both of us, John had runs of 175, 109 and 103.

The next day John seemed more relaxed. Our goal was a 100 ball run with extensive live commentary. First try (did not hit one ball to warm up) netted us a 164 ball run with excellent commentary. It was amazing to watch. We broke down the equipment and went to the golf course for lunch and more driving range balls. Back to the pool room later that evening and John ran 97 and 104 in a game to 200. Breakfast will be on me the next morning.

Last day before I fly back to California. After breakfast we get to the pool room at 11 AM. John runs 70 in the first inning and scratches on the breakball. A few innings later he has a 135, he starts he next run about 12:30, we have to leave for the airport about 2:00, when 2:00 comes he is somewhere in the 180's I didn't want to make him aware of the time so I didn't say anything, he missed after a run of 210. (should of had the camara rolling)

So there you have it 8 runs over 100 with one run over 200 and 5 or 6 more above 80. It was the the greatest exhibition of straight pool I have ever witnessed and I am 54 years old and have seen a lot of straight pool.

This DVD is a must for anybody serious about straight pool. I believe this will be the best and most entertaining instructional video on straight pool ever made.

I would like to thank John and Rachael for putting me up in their home and letting me be apart of this project.

Bill Maropulos


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When and where will it be available? Thanks for the great post by the way.:)


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Were hoping to have some DVDs ready for sale in a few weeks. John will be at the Expo next week so that might delay it somewhat. We will let everybody know on AZ as soon as we know.


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I agree, a great post, and these straight pool runs amaze me. I can't wait to see the video


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Dang... Great job John! I can't wait to see the DVD.
Blackjack: you just got knocked out of the top spot on the 2008 list :p


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Irish634 said:
Dang... Great job John! I can't wait to see the DVD.
Blackjack: you just got knocked out of the top spot on the 2008 list :p

lol... by the same guy every year - and it's a great feeling! I'm so glad John is shooting so well - those are some great numbers and I'm excited to see this DVD when it comes out.


I didn't know about the 210 run, that's sick,lol. Way to go John.

I know you'll looked totally relieved after the 164 and the filming when I came in.

It was good to meet you Bill.



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I'm so glad he decided to do the "running" commentary. I'm going to snatch that DVD up when it becomes available. I look forward to it.



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If you can appreciate the comparison, I'm listening to Pavorotti right now in the background. John is to 14.1 what Luciano was to Opera.

I'm in awe at the group of runs he put together. Congrats John on your accomplishments! As I told you, I'm at the head of the list for the DVD...Tom


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Congratulation John! We were sure you will succeed. Thank you very much for coming here to AZ and discussing with us the things we might want to learn, the way to make an instructional video and so on. Congratulations Bill! :applause:
Please count me in when a DVD is available for sale, I made some notes on how the product should look like after John asked a question ;)


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I will take a dvd when they become available. PM me for details. I still watch the 245 with the after-commentary and love it.


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Can't wait to get my hands on a copy...salivating thinking about great straight pool on DVD. Thanks to you and to John, who seems to always give back to us fans. :) :) :)


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I don't have as much 14.1 stuff as I probably should. I'll take a copy as well when it becomes available.

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I would like to know how to get a copy of the Dvd... I don't have anything in the way of instructional tools and I'm really wanting to teach my son the game I have loved most of my life...So please hit me up with a price and how I can get a copy I need to start collecting this stuff...Anyone have any tips on good DVD's on straight 8 and / or 9 Ball???

Man I love this site...


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I'll be in for a DVD

I bought John's 245 DVD when he first offered it and it still hits the player pretty regularly, it isn't a shelf queen.



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Looking forward to this too, wonder what his average was overall? I remember hearing once that Thorsten averaged over 70 in a tournament, it seems like a number john would have no problem with too. If he put that much focus into it, I can believe 500+ is possible and even breaking mosconi's record.

You know what's kind of weird and sad? Most typical americans think minnesota fats was the greatest, and a few serious fans have heard of mosconi and will call him the greatest, and to a large extent that's because of the high run. But if john or someone else breaks that it'll probably be just a statistic that most pool players won't be aware of.

Seems like kind of a downer point to make, I guess it's just funny that john isn't the household name he should be. Being able to play like this should be making espn news... and if he breaks 500 it should make news outside of the sports channels.


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Difference between the two Schmidt DVDs

I was at SBE on Saturday and got to talk to John in person. I asked him what made his new DVD different from his older, 245-ball DVD. He said in the 245-run one, he ran the balls, then went back and recorded observations when the run was finished. In his new DVD, he talks his way through is run as he's shooting it! He said on his previous DVD, he felt he couldn't remember much of what he'd been thinking at the time, so he decided to do another long run with live, running (so to speak) commentary.