Someones Birthday is today.


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Happy Birthday, Matt.


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You guys are kind to extend the well wishes, but I am sure he is far too drunk already to comprehend.

Mwahahaha! Happy b'day, mistah.


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Happy Birthday Captain...

I happened to have dug up a photo of you and Scott Lee during your lesson over at my place and decided to post it in celebration of your special day... for all to see...


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Ahh shucks :embarrassed2:

Thank you so much to all my fellow furry friends! Today I'll pull some hours consulting for a courier company, followed by debauchery and sloppy pool at Breakers. Who knows what Pink has up her sleeve, she's been a bit sneaky...

I feel blessed to have so many friends here on AZ, many of which turned from cyber buds to reality friends. I had a long convo w/ Mr Bond Wednes @ things like this - and still, after all these years here, I find it amazing.

Thanks again. I can't wait for the TMZ pic's to be released after tonight. :grin-square:

KK9 <-- likes a Friday B-Day w/ a designated driver


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Happy birthday Matt, hope you have a wonderful one! Try to stay out of trouble but I have a feeling that won't be possible, hope Pinky gave ya breakfast in bed :wink:


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Happy birthday to one of AZB's very best and a valued friend. Hope you're having a great day, Matt. All the best,



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I'ts Matt's birthday?!?!?!?! uh-oh..............


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i'll be posting various pics throughout the day....

Oh crap... Just don't post that one of us in the MGM bathroom at the 2011 Mosconi Cup.

Pink just gave me the look that said "if you think you have any control over tonight's destiny, you are sorely mistaken".

KK9 <-- out of rep bullets, awaiting re-load. Thanks again for all the kind sediments! :grin: