• tonyboy59
    tonyboy59 left a message on Kickin' Chicken's profile.
    Hey Brian saw your post on the member looking for a Joss or Meucci, Can you send me pics/info on the Meucci original if he has no...
  • Ron Nepini
    Ron Nepini left a message on nutcasenyc's profile.
    Decals? Thanks Ron
  • R
    Ron Padilla left a message on azhousepro's profile.
    Please help! I wanted to check on post to see how it was going and couldnt find it again, do I need to go in and make sure the phots are...
  • A
    azynot left a message on cuefan6969's profile.
    Are you still selling the 2x4 Swift case?
  • AnthonyLewis208
    AnthonyLewis208 left a message on lenoxmjs's profile.
    Hello, Curious... Do you have any Kikel's or Tascarella's you would consider selling?
  • bigjr
    bigjr left a message on deadstroke89's profile.
    hello has your xbreaker sold?? thank you
  • Brookeland Bill
    Brookeland Bill left a message on lfigueroa's profile.
    Lou, that’s the room I visited in Mexico City. I bought a 3 piece cue to travel with. I’ve also played in Puerto Vallarta and other...
  • R
    Rosco left a message on JCL's profile.
    Hi The rails are Penguin brand. I didn't want to bash Penguin, the installation is questionable.
  • Billiardscollec
    Billiardscollec left a message on eg0k1ll3r's profile.
    Are you still looking for box cases?
  • N
    niteviewer left a message on darrenpool's profile.
    I will take it. Send me info for payment.
  • N
    niteviewer left a message on darrenpool's profile.
    Is the mezz ignite shaft still for sale? Thanks Mike
  • T
    TheBasics left a message on Csim's profile.
    Csim, Howdy; Have a C-6 listed in my signature. Both shafts are freshly cleaned by a Cuemaker, Slight reddish stain from previous...
  • C
    ca sn8ke left a message on gambler67's profile.
    Are these original autographs obtained by you? Is this a 2x2 or? I have a collectable cues I want to store..
  • Killer Miller
    Killer Miller left a message on Bill the Cat's profile.
    I'm also looking for the turbo lock, please let me know if you find any inserts..
  • poke&hope
    poke&hope left a message on Chesscat's profile.
    How are you doing? Having fun I hope. Archie
  • X
    XavidmanX left a message on doctor2pi's profile.
    Great guy to deal with!
  • junior
    junior left a message on spliced's profile.
    Hello, it has been a while. I have a 1x2 grey faux ostrich / Thomas. Good, but missing the medallion.
  • C
    chuckg left a message on cuesblues's profile.
    Ted,Thanks so much for the post about Don S .He was quite the character . I still am enjoying the B Owen cue . Chuck Goltry
  • K
    know it all left a message on Peanutbutr's profile.
    500 is a good price.864 351-9282 my phone.. call if you have cue still.12 noon is good or text me.Rich
  • F
    fishermanOICUR1 left a message on Rocco438's profile.
    I have a couple JW's, not quite that cheap tho. If you are interested I don't post pictures here but could email or text them to you...
  • J
    Jim Baxter left a message on Goosekeeper's profile.
    tracking on case 278839334229 fed x monday expected del .
  • N
    Nick8400 left a message on POOLPLYR1111's profile.
    Pp sir? Unsure why I keep betting on Washington!? Lol
  • C
    Chip Roberson left a message on subdude1974's profile.
    Is the Tasca shaft still available , if do I pay with paypal? Thanks
  • Ron Nepini
    Ron Nepini left a message on blokid's profile.
    I need a 8" cue extension for a Players SP made in brown rosewood, can you make one and what would be the cost? Thanks, Ron (in Maryland)
  • T
    TheBasics left a message on coelhojoli5's profile.
    regarding my C-6 ; As soon as I can get the battery charged for my camera, I'll snap a few pix. Tried the phone thin and trying to get...
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