lol, well, you could always go on a vacation somewhere and still save some bankroll for a rainy day :)

Atm, I'm looking to get a new playing cue as a back up to the "Omen" cues I got now, hopefully I'll have some opportunities to play in bigger tournaments, but for now it's on a see-how-it-goes basis :) lol

Have you got any action lined up for Grady's match up in a few days? :)
iam good, just thinking on ways not to spend the money. i dont know what to spend it on.. maybe i'll put it in the bank
I think that would be a great idea. The last time I went to a 14.1 tourney in Michigan was last year at The Rack in Livonia. There was me and the owner ready to play and no one else showed up. It would have been an entry into the National Championships or IIRC $400 and no body shows. If I can determine if there is enough interest I'll help put it on.
I'll check the local rooms this week and see what interest there is in the pool community.
Where would you look to hold the tourney? Mid-state like Lansing or just where we can find a room to be the host?

I'm not quite familiar with "tube" or "rod".. does "tube" mean the lbm ferrule that I'm looking for?
please explain me more..

Any thoughts about getting a 14.1 Michigan tourney together?

Lansing/Detroit/Grand Rapids/Fenton ?
our menu is amazing!!!! we are open everyday at 11 AM for lunch and serve food until we close....chicken salad, bagels, bbq pulled pork, pita pizza's, soft serve dole whip ice cream, root beer floats, sausage and peppers!!!!!!!cortland ny's first real billiard club in years is opening soon!! two brunswick gold crown tables, four valley bar size tables, lounge area, food, drink, and relaxation!! we will be hosting apa and robbins vending league's as well as 8-ball and 9-ball tournament's and challenge matches featuring top ranked players from coast to coast. send us an email today to start forming your own apa or monday night pool league team!
You asshole! I haven't been addicted to Minesweeper for a long time. Reading your's and Spina's posts about Minesweeper scores got me playing again. Today I played for two straight hours.
Best times:
Beg - 4.67s
Int - 39.96s
Exp - 108.22
Yes, I'm from the Pro9 website in the UK and was having some banter with your good self about the match between Chris Bartram and Darren Appleton :) lol

hi sir alton,.. just want to thank you for your kind words in our work,.. my dad and my brother want to extend their sincerest thanks to you,..
I will call you In the next couple days, good to see ur alive I was wondeing about you a while back, I haven't made it to fl or I would have called you. U will need a car in vegas. I saw ming called me, pls tell Herr hello and i will call her to


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