Hey Eric, thanks for the message and the friend request. Will you be at the one pocket tourney at Hollywood Billiards on 4th of July weekend?
Yes sir. Every Tue. night now, alternating b/w a $10 and $20 entry fee. Let me know if you are planning on coming by sometime.
Hey buddy,

I hope all is well and things are coming along fine. I know you are very busy but please write me sometime if you want to :)

Sorry to be so long. My main computer is in the shop and I have not been on much. The 14.1 event is scheduled in New Jersey for October 6-10, 2010. The promoter for this event is Dragon Promotions and I will be happy to ask them for any details you may require or you may contact them through their website at www.dragonpromotions.com.

Let me know how I may be of assistance,
Are you making any progress on the Muecci Original I left with you at the Midwest tournament,If so when do you think it will be ready? p.s. dont forget the pics, Thanks Paul
The boxed veneers are a method of glueing the veneers around the inlay material without using a miter joint. When they are boxed you wont see a straight line up from the point material to the tip of the point as the veneers overlay rather than miter. HTH Sherm

Are you still here in LA? Monte (atthecat) has invited us to play at his home room in Calabasas. Do you have a free day this week?

Hi Mason, Your box is full. Clear it please.
Or give me your е-mail
Yo Eric, I hear you about the red chalk. Insidious stuff. Can you imagine what Rafael must have looked like with all the chalking he does(lol)? The private club sounds interesting, please keep me posted. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet in Vegas. I was actually with Russ when he texted you, maybe next year if not before. I couldn't make it up to HB for the tourney this weekend - stuff to do. Take care and be well - Mitchell
Tell Max I appreciate his help and you can get the book on e-bay from my grandson for under $20. Thanks, hope you enjoy, Gerald
lol, well, you could always go on a vacation somewhere and still save some bankroll for a rainy day :)

Atm, I'm looking to get a new playing cue as a back up to the "Omen" cues I got now, hopefully I'll have some opportunities to play in bigger tournaments, but for now it's on a see-how-it-goes basis :) lol

Have you got any action lined up for Grady's match up in a few days? :)
iam good, just thinking on ways not to spend the money. i dont know what to spend it on.. maybe i'll put it in the bank
I think that would be a great idea. The last time I went to a 14.1 tourney in Michigan was last year at The Rack in Livonia. There was me and the owner ready to play and no one else showed up. It would have been an entry into the National Championships or IIRC $400 and no body shows. If I can determine if there is enough interest I'll help put it on.
I'll check the local rooms this week and see what interest there is in the pool community.
Where would you look to hold the tourney? Mid-state like Lansing or just where we can find a room to be the host?

I'm not quite familiar with "tube" or "rod".. does "tube" mean the lbm ferrule that I'm looking for?
please explain me more..


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