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  • Thanks FB but give Roy the credit for that post- I just copied it- Roy put that up after watching BB, the first version 3 years ago. I always thought it was the funniest post in the history of AZB but I guess im alone on that
    Hey Fatboy--Yep freinds are good--just getting back into a little pool again--seems harder when approaching 60 to get in gear again--every once in a while I can still turn it on again though--best to you
    I have a 4 point ivory jointed Gus for sale. If interested email me at mlehere3@aol.com for pics and details.
    Cool that you know Billy Teeter, he had me on the road for a while with him when i was 21-24. I havent seen him in several years, he came by to see me a few times after i quit playing back in 99. He was a pretty cool dude!
    just saying hi. i c u listed me as a friend a while back and we've had no contact. keep in touch. gerald
    hey eric
    call me
    scott is going again wuth what i think will be the greatest cue ever

    it is a project i have wanted to do for 20 years

    please call 214 477 7323
    or pm
    i dont know how to get to this area again

    i am really excited about the new project

    What Jay did by dropping Stevie Moore from the tourney was wrong and you know it. So "MAN UP" and get involved.


    This is Frank Reid, Murdoch7627. I'm confused as to how Stevie Moore could have been removed from the Fat Boy Challenge list by Jay H. without Stevie being notified in any way. I know one of Stevie's backers talked to Jay and said he could not support Stevie. However do you not think that Stevie should have been called to discuss this before Jay simply took him off the list. I am a friend of Stevie and had told him I would pay the $1,000 entry fee if his other backers did not. So Stevie has always had the entry fee.

    Did this all happen the way it should have????????

    Frank Reid
    Hope you have a great new years...Left you a message on Fatboy2 account about the gator hunt thing...showed you havn't been on in awhile...I'm about to be at the camp alot..The ruts finally getting on up there...Take care...Troy
    hello there, nice to meet you. thank you for the kind word, it don't bother me with their stupidity and ignorant. that why I don't even bother to reply to the stupidity. I have been reading alot of the thread in here and been knew what kind of place this is.
    anyway, my name is Micheal Sean is a pleasure to meet you.
    Thanks for the rep. For better economic undestanding (not the media type of "understanding") you might try:


    That site, updated daily with great short articles, explains precisely what is going on with the economy. These guys have had it nailed for about a century now (seriously) and have predicted ALL of the current problems.

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