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  • All the Americans I've ever met were good people. They were friendly and hospitable. Full of life. It seems that all the a$$holes gravitate into being politicians, bankers and internet forum trolls.
    Have a good day! LOL

    Hi Fatboy,

    Regarding the watches I posted in the expensive secondary hobbies thread, those are NOT mine. Just a few pictures I posted. I don't have those big boy bucks! I do however plan on buying a nice Panerai once I meet a personal monthly income goal. Nice little way to treat myself ;)

    Take care.
    Dear Fatboy,
    A short time ago you posted a thread about opening a Sports Thread on AzBilliards & put up a vote thread & I had to agree with you but being a computer novice,I didn't know what button to press next.so this is what happens when you try to post a sports thread in NonPoolSection,it vanishes in seconds but if I think it is worth a post,I'm posting it but thanks for trying mate.From an overseas viewer fed up with Politics & gun debate laws etc I hhhhhad to agree with your post & I would rather read about overseas sports.
    KoolKat9Lives - Shane would have got the "nod"....he was in "dead stroke", he told me "I'm ready, in the zone just like the US OPEN"...I would have bet "the farm" on our boy Shane..and all the tractors, trailers, sheep, cows, horses, plows, and Old McDonald too if possible. :D Happy New Year to my man FatBoy - we had a blast in London, can't wait to get together again....ALoha
    Tried to PM you, but you're plum full! Hey... Do you know who CJ and Johan would have put in the box if The Cup ended in a tie? I'm envious of what you just went thru at York, that musta been off the charts for you! My best, Matt
    Thanks for the rep Eric... Gonna be in Vegas in a few months to see Artie B., if you gonna be around, lets hook up. We can talk about fast cars and slow woman :) See ya, Chicago RJ
    Thanks Eric. You're the first and only person to offer support on this, so I certainly appreciate the kind words.
    Don't know which 20 pages I sent you but there are 3 of my books on Amazon Kindle.
    Double PMS With A Gun, Who Let The Dogs Out, The Vigilante Era. They all suck but they are still being bought. John
    Hi Fatboy,

    I edit a magazine for a living. I'd be happy to review, edit and critique anything you've written. You can email me at bdorman@activetradermag.com

    If I can interest you in Joss, I have 3 A sharp pointed 83 and a(1994) n-17 and another new 1994. was reading how you liked Joss The 83 is extended lenght ,Ivory ferrules. mark
    Eric I'm Mark from MN. I had to sell a -R-zahn, It has Ivory Joint, Samboti Propers like 1 on the butt opposite of the wedge(titlist colors on the Tulipwood butt ,and 4 Ivory Propellers on the forearm, it a gabon ebony ebony cur (davis blank tulipwood points- Willie Hoppe style - 1 of a kind,Better than troys wedge! I can get you the cue with 2 extra lenght SW ,Micatra ferruled shalfts. 1500. Its fresh from Jerry,and its a player!!!! Please let me know either way Eric - Its worth over (I put 1,110, 400, 200, at my costs. I can have someone send pictures and -get the deal done- thanks in advance friend.. mark
    What's up Eric - long time my friend! Hope you got that Anniversary up and running! Hate to think I sold it to you and it never gets played! FYI - my chalk holders are now in Nick Varner's catalog! Drop me a line sometime - 402-450-5885
    Hey Fatboy2,
    I was told that cuennoisseur has gave you the Yotsudama balls. I have a question: Are you selling them? and do you know where I can find Yotsudama ball's and how much do they usually cost? I tried the Aramith website but I cannot figure how to see the price or any information about those balls.
    Thanks for your time,
    did you sell the gina that you hate / you can drop a dime at dfraile@nyc.rr.com
    Wow you called it right JA against Bustamante - probably too much history there. Hope all is well.
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