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  • eric wishing you a happy easter tho we have never met heard a lot of good things about you from a freind of yours and mine mary kenniston hope one day i get a chance to meet you cotton asked me if i was coming out to vegas in may but can't right now because of a family problem take care willie p
    No worries, hope things get better for you. Sent you a PM on onepocket.org about something I wanted to do, hope you would like to be a part of it.

    Let me know, is it a Gold Crown 5 and is it a pro cut table or the big pocket. Feel free to call me. I think I have it sold for you.

    Yah I was just asking you when you thought he was coming into florida because I couldn't find a schedule for him anywhere. Thanks for the input though.
    Hey eric you posted this on my wall "i dont know, he is in Aruba now or just left, It wont be for a while, because Vegas is comming up, then spain, then Dubai or Doha(i cant remember) when i see him ill ask, he might city are you in? he might not even know. i will do my best" and i just now noticed it LOL my bad!!

    I'm in florida near Jacksonville.
    no worries, that happens here all the time, i hope you had fun. 702-241-8000, i dont check voice mail, but sms is awalys good. next time :)
    hey!! I just wanted to apologize for not texting you back last time...Right after we talked I went partying like crazy and lost my phone for 2 days!!what happend in vegas stay in vegas lol anyway, please send me your number back so that i can call you next time i'll be in vegas ;)
    Check out my post in cues and cases. Steve is building me a 4th matched cue. This one is 75" (3 piece) so that I don't have to use a rake or bridge as much. Plus it will work on the 10 foot table if that becomes a "thing" after the TAR SVB/Earl match. Will post pictures when I get the cue. Take care. Frank
    Hey, I just updated the thread on Artie. My dad an Artie are very good friends. I'm taking my dad to vegas next year and we will meet up with Artie. Tell Artie I said hi....
    Tell him Robert, Bobby's Wilkinson's son, and he'll know who you are talking about. Artie use to play in my dads pool room that he owned with Freddy the Beard, and Artie was a fixture in there 7 days a week.......I still have the MB V12,,soon as it warms up I'll get her out of storage. We'll have to hook up next year and Artie can introduce us....later.
    BTW I appologised to the guys who let make a second account for the mistake. just so you know I told wilson, mike and maybe jerry right when I noticed I screwed up. I took accountability.
    no man, it was a accident, i never wanted to go over 9999 posts, my computer had a cookie in it so when i restarted it and went to AZ it opened up my old account the one with 1380 friends and a zillion REP points, I made a few posts until I realized i was on the Fatboy account, since then i been back here on Fatboy2 and will gring out 9999 more and then be Fatboy3-if I live that long.

    It really pissed me off that i went over 9999 posts, that was on my mind for well over a year to never get 10K posts.

    so pls dont be mad, i just havent been here cause i have massive business troubles

    my very best


    PS I'm still the same guy, same everything
    Hey Eric - just a quick question - I saw your posts on the Aramith "Duramth" pool balls. I am considering getting a set (I have centinials and the aramith pros). Do you still stand by your opinioin on these balls now that you have had them a while? I hate the burn marks I get and if I can minimize them it would be worth it. Thanks!
    Eric , I'm disappointed in you . Instead of a fresh start , you continue posting under your old identity , knowing full well the prohibitions and penalties for multiple screen names on the forums .:frown:

    It's too bad , since you've usually been a positive influence in the past .
    Nov ’09 (s-h-i-i-i-t) you sent a friend request (?)
    I’m new at AZ and didn’t know abt msgs - So, okay... but I'm not gay or nuthin' - just sayin'...
    The avitar – thanks for the compliment - is a caricature (from when I was young)
    BTW, I don’t do AZ on a daily basis – plenty of work – so, IF you want to reach me, best to E me at John@FullHousePro.Com
    You also responded to something to do with Squirrel / Ito / Grady … I don’t even remember what my convo was …
    However, I’m filming a series on hustlers, Underground in the Green Felt Jungle.
    We just shot DCC – then went to Johnston City (Jansco’s Hustlers Jamboree) – Dowell (Fats home) – DuQuoin (gambling mecca part 2). You seem to know the game. If interested, I’ll send you a show synopsis.
    Just remember, E me at John@FullHousePro.Com (or I may take a year or so to respond).
    I still remember you needing to get the surgery(cash) any luck yet or update on your health. I go through this crap daily too my friend . god bless mark
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