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  • Hey Hollywood,

    I live in Mankato Minnesota. When I got it home and saw exactly how bad the center legs were I got a little worried. I was absolutely amazed how well the Elmer's glue held up. Those legs are now as strong as ever and came out way better than I had hoped. They even look better than the pictures from my post as the flash on the camera makes it all look lighter than it appears in person. I still have some touching up to do but it's getting close. You are not kidding around when you say MONSTER! With the 1-1/2" slate, this thing is going to be HEAVY!!!
    My work address is

    Michael Bremer
    c/o John Lee Nissan
    120 east 23rd Street
    Panama City, FL 32405

    my cell number is 850- 218 7538

    I would take $550.00 shipped for this cue. And if you wanted to trade a schon elite I would need cash. Schon are great cue but they lose the feel of a custom with there high production. You can buy them on walmart.com now that isnt going to help there resale value.
    Well maybe next time, you always welcome to sneak up, if I don't see ya have a happy year.

    Take Care Mark
    Mark...I think I answered your email, but I have to leave MN tomorrow, and drive home to MI. My wife has a doctor's appt. on Monday. We'll be back, though...the first grandchild is here, so Nana has to get her "fix" every so often! LOL
    Hey Bro,
    It was really nice meeting you yesterday. It was refreshing to meet a guy as fasinated by pool and pool equipment as I am. There are like four guys who I can really talk about pool with like we did yesterday and 3 of them don't keep up with times anymore. Also I got to see that gold hearts Szamboti up close. I went down at night and guess who I see there? Rocket Rodney Morris was at the bar having a beer. I wanted to suggest a place to eat that I think it's worth trying. Cream Pot on Niu street. They are a brunch place with goooood crepes. I had the classic omelet set last time. It was delish! Easiest way is to go down ala wai and turn on Niu. It's pretty close to the beginning of Waikiki (Convention Center side). 12-20 dollars per person but I think it's worth it and I'm a cheap Chinese boy :p.

    Good Morning from Sunny Hawaii.
    I live on OAHU, so, I don't know the dealers in Hawaii (Big Island)..
    Sorry I'm useless..
    Just to let you know, there are different kinds of KOA.. Each Island has it's own.
    I forgot who's was the dark ones and who had the light color ones.
    Many KOA Woodbox guys don't want to sell their stock.
    One owner told me it's hard to find and the price will go up because of that rarety.
    I think, once yo arrive, just ask anybody. The island people would know who's selling KOA.
    Good Luck and a safe visit!!
    Ok, I'll check out what "Hard Times" pool hall in Bellflower has. I'll let you know what I find, Thanks...

    Not sure what u refer by artistic billiards, Yes snooker is my favorite game in order of preference snooker, 14-1, one pocket, 8ball and then all the rotation games. I play with regular sizes balls here at home for regular rotation games practice on my Brunswick 5 x 10 snooker table here in my house. I also have the regulation size snooker ball sets to. My main cue is a predator sneaky pete with the predator loge sanded of. With a kamui tip and I used Russian magic chalk in money games but in practice masters blue. I say main cue because I have like 13. To see my table see my instructional 9-ball video on here.

    Hey Mark,

    I saw you were on the list to get the batch of cues in the cuemaker challenge. Could you let me know when you think you'll get them please? I'd love to hit a few balls with each of them. Also, you could let some of the locals know when you'd have them on my forum at http://www.billiardcoach.com/forums

    Thanks very much,
    Mike Fieldhammer
    Professional Billiard Instructor
    cell: 612.802.0519
    Web: http://www.billiardcoach.com
    Forums: http://billiardcoach.com/forums
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