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  • NO thanks necessary - you have inspired me beyond words - our friendship is a blessing to me - so anything I do is out of sheer gratitude to God for bestowing upon me the honor of calling you "brother", Brother.
    Tony Ellin was a childhood friend, I used to bring Tony to the pool room in Miami cause he was old enough to drive, we were taught by the same men but he was driven and very gifted, I was just...well lets leave that for another day. I loved him like a brother, my dad coached our church basketball league and thought he was one of the most gifted natural athlete's he had ever seen. He played baseball, basketball and anything you could WIN at well.
    Terry, Yes Gary was a stronger banker than his dad. I Accepted his posthumous HOF induction several years ago. Joey won the Johnson City One-pocket one year and was better known for that. Gary's one-pocket style was 180deg from Joeys thus making it a hard call. Gary being the more aggressive, though he developed more patience in his latter years. Joey was know for NEVER giving ANYTHING to shoot at! Old School!
    Thanks for the rep Terry, I'm feeling pretty good now days. Course gotta go back and see the sawbones in a couple weeks... who knows after that..... :grin:
    Hi Terry, thanks for the rep. I'm both happy and sad for some of the great players of my generation. Had a great time with Larry Liscotti as well. Jim Mataya reminds me of Larry. Great talent down the bottle. Their choice though. Hope you're feeling well. Good health to you!

    Glad to be your friend , Terry. I'm from Pittsburgh. Left there for
    Calif. in 1964, when I was 21. The 60's and 70's were good years to be in So. Calif. Or so they tell me. It's all sort of foggy.
    Hi Terry,
    thank you very much for your attention. Still nothing o give you "in return", even if you don't need it - I was just hoping to use it as a means of messaging also :) But I have still to wait to be able to spread green around the world :D
    Be well.
    P.S. Blackjack rocks! :)
    Hi Terry - I a doing well and I hope you are as well. We are still making the transition from the move back to Texas - I am finishing up the 14.1 book, doing some videos and DVD's - and republishing some of my older stuff. I changed phone numbers recently. I'll send you my new number when I am able to rep u again! LOL
    thanks terry i think the old era would have been better for me.
    the grass is always greener on the other side. lol
    shocking forsure, its a shame. i hate things like this. i hope your well, i cant rep you until tomarrow, my very best eric
    Hi Terry i see in your ABOUT ME u list the hobby of being a pool historian...Kidding or not here is a great site www.newdeco.com then click on Billiard Photos....Very nice to deal with....I have purchased a few old pics from them....Hope you have your pain under control somewhat...Keep in touch...
    thanks for reminding me about yang...im been fighting shutdowns on the platform all day and my heads a spinnin
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