✦◊✦ 2014 AZB Cue of the Year ✦◊✦


Jake<built cues for fun
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If that cue ain't already got a name...you should call it "Landslide" because it's damn sure gonna win by one


BIGGER in Texas
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PDF (Landslide)

now that's exactly what a cue of the year candidate should be ! ! ! !


Rick Geschrey
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One of the most fantastic cues I've ever seen :thumbup:. The work is beyond belief and very tasty.

Slam dunk....got my vote !

The amount of time involved to build this cue is unreal and the design features are completely off the wall and executed to a stratosphere level.


"Billiard" Mike
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And Shadowmoss knocks it out of the park. It was a toss-up, for me, between Cheiton's Tonkin (bridged points and awesome miter work) and the Lambros (just love the ying-yang rings and points thru butt-cap/joint) until the PFD cue showed up. No contest now at this point.

My vote - PFD


Likes to draw
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I really like Paul's cue but I equally like Captain Bob's just as much... Both cues very well thought out and executed...

Kickin' Chicken

Kick Shot Afficionado
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Well Brian... I am super busy right now and most likely won't be able to put together the poll until later this week.

aha, got it.

am glad to know I'm not too late. :)

I haven't purused the entire thread yet but have to say Eric's pfd is gorgeous. :thumbup:

brian kc

nick serdula

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Here is the joint on the Paul Drexler Land slide Cue!

What a Monster!


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Kaiser Bob

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Man, Paul created another museum piece right there, absolutely stunning. I really like Bob Manzino's offering as well.

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