✦:✦ AZB 2013 Cue of the Year *RESULTS* ✦:✦


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Well... here is how it shook out at the end of the voting. I have included all cues with 10 votes or more. Congrats to Thomas Wayne for the "Purple Reign" cue winning the 2013 AZ Cue of the Year

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Boo....the fight was fixed.....oops...wrong sport.

Jamie, the public has spoken......the tally is in.......so be it......it was a fun contest to watch.

Thank you for coming up with this idea and for the effort it takes to conduct this annual contest.

Matt B.


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Personally, I think TW's Purple Reign was a no-brainer. That cue is AWESOME.

Thanks again Jaime. Always fun to see these threads each year.


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Congratulations to Thomas Wayne. IMO, Purple Reign is one of his finest to date. I’ve seen this cue in person and it truly is stunning. It was hard to set that cue down since there is so much to admire. I found the veneer points inside the ivory to almost give the illusion of never really ending, they are that sharp. His work continues to push the envelope and that is refreshing. I’m anxious to see what he'll give us next.

Thanks for another great year Jamie. The entries were all fine examples of both traditional and modern design. All should be proud.

As a last note, I’m happy to see Ned Morris’ cue make the list. This is another cue I’ve seen up close and can attest to the beauty and workmanship. It’s good to see him back. A great guy and cue maker as well.


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TW did put the decals on pretty straight. :thumbup: Great cues all around, thank you, Jamie. Great year last year, a lot of big cues were delivered.
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With all the talent, The COTY is getting harder and harder to choose.
So many catagories that each cue has it's strong points.
Unbelievable splicing, Intricate /detailed CNC Inlay works,
new initiative designs/looks..

Congrats to Thomas, Kenny and Pete .
In actuality, they are all winners, it their own ways..
Thanks Jamie... As always, thanks for all you do...

Alton :)


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Congratulations to Thomas on the win. Both cues are technically and artistically great .

I still like the crazy handle Tokin the best.

I also think its great that Darrin Hill showed real strong with two cues. A testament to how good his work can be and how much talent he has.


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congratulations to TW, hats up.
Darrin's Cues are not only looking good they play are damn nice.
I wish.........
@Jamie, thanks for the nice Job again, much much appreciated


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A very highly impressive showing by Thomas Wayne with 2 of the top 3 spots!

Your work is truly appreciated by many!

Thanks as always Jamie.

<~~~~~~~realizes this has been many years running of effort


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Amazing cues this year..........congrats to TW (so much talent).

I want to also say that Pete Tonkin has come so far over the last 5 years. The cues he's done for Tikkler are amazing. I'm working with him right now on a cue for me I think is goona be pretty sweet.

Thanks to Jamie for doing this,


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Thanks to everyone involved, especially Jamie for making it happen. Congrats to Thomas Wayne for the 2013 COTY. The other cue makers have nothing to hang their heads about, there were some damn fine cues entered and only one could win.


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Congrats to Mr. Thomas Wayne, truly one of kind cue sir. and special thanks to Jaime for the great effort as always..


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My hat is off to Thomas Wayne. Well done!

He had three cues on there and one of them still won. Having a brand vote split up three ways and one of them winning makes it even more impressive.