Happy Birthday Billy Incardona


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Hey, Billy! All the best to ya today and hereafter! And, many more! It was nice talking to you, however briefly, at the Open. You gave me an autograph.


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Happy Birthday to one of pool's finest silver tongues. Best to you, Mr. Billy!



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Hard to follow that greeting, but still....Happy Birthday!

Hope your back is feeling some better.

Take care


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Yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an old man. I hope you have a good one.


Mark Griffin

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Happy Birthday Billy I.

Hey Billy,

Wishing you a Happy Birthday - and many more to come!

Mark Griffin

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One of the GREATS who has proven he can talk the talk and walk the walk. :thumbup:

Happy Birthday, Billy, and many, many happy returns. :)

Brian kc


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Happy Birthday Day Billy. I hope your back is coming along well and you can get back to the table and behind the mic again soon. Johnnyt


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Thanks AZB for remembering an old geezers birthday, sorta makes me feel relevant again...sorta.;) I really appreciate the recognition for my efforts in the things that I enjoy and have enjoyed doing, if I can stay healthy enough I will continue to play and talk a decent game.....Talk to you all later.:thumbup2:

Billy I.

Terry Ardeno

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Happy Birthday wishes to one of pool's greatest friends, from one more of your millions of fans!

Bill, I've always had immense respect for your game and, more importantly, for you as a person. What a great example you are of the good things pool has to offer us! Keep up the good work!

PS- I 2nd PT109's request that you pen your memiors! I remember asking (pleading) with you to write a book several years ago. The peeps are anxious!