If You Could Hang Out with your Mentor, Who would it be?

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If you had a chance to go on the road, get lessons, be a caddy or hang out with for 6 months any living Male pro who would it be? I will list my choices in priority to me.

1 through 15 I would have to choose-

1- Mike Sigel
2- Earl Strickland
3- Danny Diliberto
4- Billy Incardona
5- Keith Mccready
6- Kim Davenport
7- Johnny Archer
8- Nick Varner
9- Efren (I hope I could understand him!).
10- Buddy Hall
11- Dennis Hatch
12- SVB
13- Jimmy Reid (God Bless Him!)
14- Wade Crane (Billy Johnson)
15- Jim Rempe
13- Danny Harriman

This is all meant to be fun and these are some of my favorite players. I know there is alot of players that I forgot to mention, But these players that I have mentioned have a special place in my BIG heart and my true "Love Of The Game"


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Ralf Souquet would be my first choice. I would become a way better player hanging around with such a discipline player.

I wouldn't mind hanging around Jasmin Ouschan for awhile either :thumbup:


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depends..for me, if i were wanting to learn 14.1, it would be sigel. for 9 ball, it would be archer and my personal opinion for one pocket would be buddy hall.


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It wouldn't be a pool player. I would go for something else that is more profitable. Then from the money that I would make would more than pay for lessons if I was still interested in pool.

Or with the money I would be able to hang around some name player like Tony Steward does and/or be a backer. :eek:k:
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Without a doubt my first choice is Keith McCready. He is so enjoyable to watch and brings fun to the game, as we see from TV tournements. But behind closed dooors where the action is and the big money, where i'd like to hang with him for 6 months. Give The World The 5 you bet he could.


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I think Scott Frost would be fun to go on the road with. If i really wanted to learn about gambling and have some great road stories, definately have to go with Scooter.


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Sigel, Rempe, and DiLiberto. I like 14.1 best out of all the games, and I think these guys have a great mind for the game. Cool thread.


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I would choose Billy Incardona in a heartbeat...he was not only one of the greatest players of HIS time, he has maybe the greatest pool mind of ALL time...

There's nobody living who can pick the correct shot more often than our very own wincardona. A good part of my one pocket knowledge came from listening to Billy on Accu-stats, and my knowledge of "percentages" and the right shot for the situation, at that time, has increased dramatically.

If I could play Efren even one pocket, I would want Billy as my coach. I would still lose badly, of course, BUT, I don't execute the way Efren does...

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Danny D, or Ronnie O'Sullivan.

If I could go back in time I'd like to have a drink and a game with Ralph Greenleaf.


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Well their are few on that list that I wouldn't mind hanging out with but mine's not on the list but I'll be honest about this one .

francisco bustamante


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Without having met 'em it's hard to say. I think in terms of friendliness, personality, ability to teach, I'd go with Jim Rempe. From his tapes he sounds like a great all around guy to learn from. And he's sort of a straight pool specialist.

A second would be Buddy Hall. Everyone talks about how smoothly he plays and how perfect his fundamentals seem to be and how easy things look with him. These sound like signs of a really smart player and I know I could get a lot out of it. I also get a kick out of hearing him talk from the few times I've heard his commentary. "Yeah he's just gonna roll forward and rrrub the four ball..."


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These guys don't share a lot unless you catch em relaxed and in the right mood. Then it's like pulling teeth from a chicken. It's just their way.
For me tough, I like hanging with Billy Incordona, Buddy, and Bobby Hunter. They can tell some crazy and funny stories. That makes it worth while.
I was never smart enough to ask the right questions anyway.


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Easy one..... Buddy.

or Danny D, or John Schmidt, or Billy Incardona, or Mark Wilson, or Nick... he'd be a close 2nd to Buddy, or Grady, or Blackjack.... he'd be a close 2nd with Nick,
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That would be hard to pick just one. Some people that come to mind already mentioned.
Billy I.- for one pocket
Joe Salazar- Have played with Joe and learned alot
Gabe Owens- fun guy to be around and not a bad stick
Jeremy Jones- for the same reasons as Gabe
Ronnie Allen- Just cause
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I already have. If I were to do it again, I think Tony Robles would be my choice. He has the whole package and I trust him....SPF=randyg