Johnnyt RIP


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Rest In Peace, John Terrel condolences to his wife.

Johnny helped me out more than once....
...and I’m going to miss the way he spoke out when he thought it was needed.


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Very sad to hear this news , JohnnyT was a poster that even though we never met I honestly felt I knew him. I loved his post he was a real throw back to the Pool days we all love. RIP JohnnyT you are missed.

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You know how sometimes we conjure up images in our minds how certain posters may look whether based on avatars or generally from what they post?

Johnnyt will always look like Johnny Cash to me and was an equal badass.

I enjoyed his posts and yes, sir, "A barbox is not a toy".

Condolences to his family and friends.

RIP Johnny.

brian kc


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Very sad to lose another member of the AZ community. Johnnyt added a lot to the discussions here. He will be missed.

Lou Figueroa


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Johnnyt……….. like one of the "Godfathers" of AZer's, I didn't know him well, but certainly shared
a few PM's with him to get his opinion as I certainly valued the non grey area in his words.

A true love for our game and a very interesting man and I agree with an earlier member that Johnnyt
sure did originate some interesting posts.

R.I.P. Sir and heartfelt wishes to his immediate family and friends.


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JohnnyT was one of the more interesting posters on AZ. I enjoyed his posts, especially his old school perspectives on gambling, matching up and bar box pool.

Being from Florida I always half expected to meet him in Florida, maybe at strokers in Tampa or even the flamingo in st Pete. I always thought I’d get along with him if we met in person as it was clear that he was really passionate about pool and I respected his love for this difficult game.

Our tribe just got smaller. RIP JohnnyT, you will be missed.

decent dennis

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Always spoke his mind and fun reads. He will be missed and my condolences to his family. Ps Didn't he have a bar table on his patio or lania at one time?


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We all loved JohnnyT. He will really be missed. Thoughts and Prayers to his Family and Friends.