Johnnyt RIP


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All of us at Accu-Stats Video Productions will sadly miss JohnnyT very much.

RIP Johnny


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Always sad to hear of another member passing. RIP johnnyt and condolences to his family

Cardigan Kid

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Johnnyt certainly had an interesting life.



Also a vet, as I recall, and a writer. But what he reported that I most admired was that he went to nursing school in his mid to late 40's, worked as a nurse until retirement, and put some single mothers through nursing school.

And now, gone at about age 77.

Thanks for posting this. Some more details into Johnny which I didn't know.

I remember the trials of Johnny in the later years of his posting, switching to ridgeback rails on his 7 foot table...trying to break his high run in 14.1....his frustration and desire to push forward was very profound and left it's mark on me. It was his posting that lead me to the realization that pool is forever, for the rest of your life.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family in this time of mourning.


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I enjoyed reading his comments and I'll miss seeing them on here. I always thought of him as an old school rough-around-the-edges NYer who became a gentleman that still had the rough edges in waiting (when needed). I admire that and the world could use more like him.

RIP Johnnyt.


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Saddened to read this. I didn't agree with some of Johnny's more curmudgeony posts, but that was part of the charm. Based on some of the things he has written here he lived a hell of interesting life and a full one at that. He will be missed here. All the best to hus famiky and friends.

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Sad news.
I always felt a strong need to stay off his lawn.
Sounds like he had a very full life.
Long live Johnny T

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RIP Johnnyt

I enjoyed your perspective on many topics over the years as well as your passion for the game.


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I haven't been active in here in a long time, but had to drop in to pay my respects to my friend JohnnyT. Ill miss ya you ole grouch.


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RIP Johnny. You certainly had an interesting life and you will be missed.


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Johnnyt never held back. He brought a needed aggressiveness to AZ. He will be missed. RIP Johnnyt.
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