Johnnyt RIP


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Very sad news. JohnnyT was a great guy to talk to - very passionate - very honest - and of course, very feisty! If he was your friend, he would go to the end of the earth for you. I will miss him. My sincere condolences to his family. My he rest in peace.


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A very good poster who understood both the action and tournament sides of the game. He brought knowledgeable points of view to AZB and shared many interesting stories with the forum. A sad loss indeed. Condolences to his family and friends. JohnnyT will be missed.


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RIP Johnny T. You never minced words and said exactly what was on your mind :)


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Johnny was like a fixture around here. Hard to imagine AZ without him. He joined in February of 2005 and fell just short of 20,000 posts. He was a real character and I will miss his posts. He gave the impression that AZ and billiards in general was a large, important part of his entertainment. Condolences to the family.


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Sorry to hear this news. Johnny wasn't afraid to express his opinion and there's nothing wrong with that. I'll miss his input.

Condolences to family and friends.


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Johnnyt certainly had an interesting life.

I was a car mechanic, marine mechanic, machinist, set up screw machines making screws and jewelry findings, poolroom owner, gas station owner with used car lot, racing Greyhound owner and breeder, and last job was a nurse. I did other things but not too legal. Johnnyt


I've done nothing for the last 14 years. My jobs were:

paperboy 12 yo
grass cutting biz at 11 YO
snow removal 11 YO
Work on ice truck 12 yo
coal truck 12 yo
fuel oil truck 12 yo
Auto mechanic 17 yo on and off 30 years
Screw machine set-up man
3 bay garage with gas
used car lot
Nurse 12 years. racing Greyhound business 13 years

Hobbies, pool, motorcycles, street rods

Other than that, I've led a very sheltered life. :rolleyes: Johnnyt

Also a vet, as I recall, and a writer. But what he reported that I most admired was that he went to nursing school in his mid to late 40's, worked as a nurse until retirement, and put some single mothers through nursing school.

And now, gone at about age 77.


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Sad to hear - makes one wonder what happens to U.S. pool scene within the next 20-30 years when many of us are gone or too old to comment, each passing seems like it brings a grim reality of pool's demise in America much closer. I am sad for the loss and committed to do what I can to keep the game alive as I once knew it.


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Johnnyt had been posting here for as long as I remember. He was one of the real stand-out personalities. I will miss him for sure.


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I busted his balls more then once, but all my friends get the same abuse.
Really seemed like a alright guy. Wish his family strength is this time of sorrow.

TX Poolnut

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I always enjoyed his threads. I'm going to miss reading his posts. He'll be missed around here for sure. :(

Rest in peace JohnnyT.


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John was a good guy. He showed me some financial support in the last US Open 9-Ball Championships I played in (2008).

An extremely valuable forums member. A big loss.

R.I.P. John. My condolences to his friends and family.
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A 'Classic' here in my short time indeed. He will be missed. Thoughts and prayers for Johhnyt his Wife, Family, Friends and Loved ones.



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Very sad news. You feel a friendship with many of the posters on this site. I enjoyed his postings. I tried to meet him once when I was heading in his direction but he said he really didn't feel well enough to play. Never met the man but I feel a loss of a kindred spirit. So long JohnnyT. I will miss your insights of today's world by someone from mine.



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No words to say that haven't already been said, so R.I.P. JohnnyT. I always appreciated his straightforwardness.