RIP Chad "Big Nasty" Pollman


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Shane just posted that Nasty passed away from a heart attack this morning. The world is a lesser place today and one of the most entertaining people i've ever known is gone. I spent a lot of time with Chad and when my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, Chad sent care packages of TAR matches and shirts to him and called often to check on how I was. I can't express the sadness I feel at this time. He will most definitely be remembered by me fondly. I'll miss you brother!


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This is terrible news. The sincerest condolences to all of Chad's family and friends, especially the many he had in the pool world.


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I am deeply saddened by this news. Rest in peace, brother.



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Very sad news indeed! Sorry for the loss to his family and friends. He was definitely one of the great guys!


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This is HORRIBLE news! :(

My sincerest condolences to Chad's family and friends, as well as to Justin and the TAR family as well.



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condolences to the family and all the TAR crew who he was close to. RIP

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I am sadden and sorry to hear of this terrible news. The modern day pool world has lost a great promoter of the game we all love.



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I saw this on Facebook a short while ago and could not believe it. VERY sad news and my best wishes go out to his family and the TAR family.


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Damnnn that's a shock. R.I.P. Big Nasty we had some good conversations that I will always remember. Always shared information and made some dough together a couple times off it. You'll be missed.


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I saw that on Shane's FB ... didn't know what to say. I still don't, other than to send my best wishes to his family and friends.


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So sorry to hear about Big Nasty. Thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends. The pool world has lost one of it's heroes.


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I have known Chad for many years.He will be missed.RIP Chad.
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This is terrible. The conversations I had with him were always pleasant and he was always a great guy. I am sorry for his family and friend's loss. RIP Chad.