Royce Bunnell Of OB Cues Has Passed Away - RIP


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we heard last night, and refused to believe it till now, in print.

unreal. and yet, Reality.

Pool aside - i respected Royce for his business sense & receptiveness of said in conversation. a true loss.

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Extremely sad news on this Thanksgiving Day.
I just received my first OB shaft last week. What a heartbreaking loss.
My prayers to his family.

- Ryan


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Shocking news. Royce will be missed dearly.

Give thanks to those around you. Life is uncertain.
Monitor your health.


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A True Gentleman

Like all of us who knew and admired Royce, I am stunned and deeply saddened by the news of his passing unexpectedly this week. I always considered Royce one of those rare people that was capable of being strong and tough, gentle and persevering, kind yet equally held himself and others accountable for both their actions and opinions. I feel so fortunate that I got to work with Royce and the his great team from OB Cues during my professional years in the pool industry while at AZB and then more with CSI.

Over the years, before I retired from the sport, I was fortunate to have many deep as well as hilarious conversations with Royce. We would play against one another almost daily at the OB booth during each BCAPL Nationals that I was involved. He had a way about him that allowed one to really see his sincerity and heart. As he was greatly expanding the OB line, he said and I've never forget, "to me, cue making is the perfect mixture of art, science and engineering."

The pool world has lost one of the greatest and dearest people the sport has ever known. God bless his wife and two children in this heartbreaking loss. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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what a terrible blow

Royce was such a cool cat. I had the chance to get know him over the last twenty years both on the table and in the booth. So passionate, so articulate, and so freaking SMART! When I heard about the heart attack I of course hoped for the best, never really considered the possibility that he wouldn't make a full recovery. Thoughts and prayers for his family and all the guys at OB. sad day indeed.



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Very sad news...

First time I ever called OB with cue questions he not only answered the phone but took the time to make sure I had a clear understanding of his answers.

Just a awesome person in a pretty cold business climate.

My condolences to his friends and family.

RIP Royce


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Terrible news.
I did not know him but I have read a lot of his posts and found him to be very knowledgeable and courteous even when he disagreed with someone.

A class act that will be missed.


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It is sad to lose such a classy and stand-up guy in the pool world.

We'll miss (but not forget) you Royce.

Dr. Dave
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Royce was one of the good guys...

The sport has lost a giant, a family has lost a husband and father and I have lost a friend and ally....

I spoke with Royce once a month or more about pretty much everything pool... I am going to miss those talks. He was my sounding board on new ideas and I did my best to hold up my end of the conversation when it turned to playing tips, break tips and chalk. And we did many..

Most recently he was working on a some new inlay processes that were revolutionary and a few more OB projects that were top secret....

I will miss my friend but most of all my thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children... With prayers going out to Don, Shane, Doc and company at OB.....



Sorry to hear about Royce, always thought he stood behind and believed in his shafts, respected his comments.......sympathy to his family, he will be missed.


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My condolences to his family and friends. I only knew him from posts on AZB but he seemed like a true gentleman.


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I live in the Dallas area and met Royce on several occasions. He was a super nince and knowledgeable person. My condolences to his family. Very sad news.


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Wow, I'm stunned to hear this news. A good guy in the pool world making it a better place with his products, support and sponsorship.
I met Royce a few years ago when he came to Mickey's in Vegas and played in the weekly 9ball tourney. He asked to practice with me and introduced himself, as we shared a few questions, laughs etc., truly a nice guy! and now a nice memory.

Condolances to his family, friends and employees. RIP Royce
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during sbe maybe 3 years ago I was chatting with Royce and overheard someone talking with another guy, calling that fellow, "Murray". I assumed it might be Murray Tucker whom I had never met and I went over and asked if he was Murray Tucker, and it was so I introduced myself.

Then Murray, Royce and myself were talking and it became quite a funny conversation. Those who know Murray, I'm sure, can attest to his sense of humor and for those who may not have known; Royce could keep up with plenty of good humor of his own. Nice contrast to his usual professional demeanor. :smile:

I told Murray I had never hit with one of his cues but had heard a lot of good things about them and he quickly opened his case and offered me his personal player to try out and as he was handing it to me, he said with a big smile, "it's not for sale".

I hit a few on Royce's booth table and then Royce wanted to hit a few himself, and of course Murray said 'sure, go ahead' and Royce began knocking some balls around after which we both agreed what a sweet hit the Tucker cue had.

Royce was a smart, innovative, accommodating, gentleman. We could use many more just like him in our sport.

Again, sincere condolences to his family, friends, and the OB team.

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ROYCE - loss of yet another great guy

To say that I was totally shocked and stunned at the news of Royce's death would be an understatement. We have lost yet another super individual and we will all be sadder because of it.

My sincere condolences to his wife, children and friends who knew him as I did for being such a positive force in our mundane World.



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Royce Bunnell - Teammate, Friend, Gentleman

My league and team has lost a teammate, Royce Bunnell. I have lost a friend.

It has touched all of us and is especially unhappy here as the holiday seasons begin.

Royce was one of a very few people on the planet that I would have no problem loaning my car, house, wallet, or anything without a single concern for his honesty.

How many of you can say that about your teammate or fellow pool player? Some, I am sure, but not all. Darn few, if I know pool players.

We loved the guy. His concern for others was strong, and I loved dropping in on the OBCues office and giving him grief like only a friend-pool-player-buddy can do.

He'd show me around the shop and bemuse whatever gadget he was crafting to improve cue making. One time he talked to me about glue for 15 minutes! His passion for his pool cues was unlimited. We agonized over the possibility of RFID pellets to improve QA processing.

I've lost numerous pool friends over the years and it gets harder each time.

Dallas, Texas