Sending Some Good Thoughts Will Prout's Way

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Esteemed AZB member and all around good guy, Will Prout, can use an uplift from his azb friends as he is experiencing a bump or two on his way to recovery from a recent medical procedure.

I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way, Will, for a complete and speedy recovery.

Feel much better soon, my friend.

brian kc
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Will is one of the good guys, wishing you the best!


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I bang noggins with Will on matters unrelated to pool or for that matter, really any personal gripes.
Having said that, I think he is likely one of the nicest guys around on this Forum or anywhere else.
Recovering from a medical procedure, or illness, is never quite the same when it’s your own body.

Regardless of how others have fared, or what you might be inclined to research on the Internet, one’s
own recovery might not resemble that and some people do much better. I’ll pray this is such a moment.
The very best of wishes to Will and his family. I hope he bounces back strong and soon so that we can
continue to debate about subjects that in the final analysis, none of us have any individual control over.