Smorg... AKA Doug


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My deepest and sincerest condolences go out to all of Doug's family and friends. I have never felt this way about a man I have never met. A sad day indeed.

Be at peace.
God speed.



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Doug has been the user with the most rep for quite some time. He even PMed me a couple weeks ago and suggested that I reset his rep so that someone else could be #1 in the department. I declined his offer.

I thought about going in and manually changing his rep so that it could never be topped, but that would be like cheating.

Doug's last post can be found here. I am sure that all of us can make sure that he has enough rep to never be caught.


Brian in VA

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Peace to you Smorgie, calm strength to Barbara, tears and sobs for all of us. I drink a toast to the funniest man I never met.


Brian in Va


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Mike just informed me of Doug's passing; we are saddened.:sorry:

It is to no secret that Doug (Smorgie) was one of the largest contributors on I enjoyed reading his posts and laughed so hard.

Doug could always lift the spirits of everyone around him. He always gave people great advice on enjoying LIFE. Ah...the spice of life. Cheers to my inspiration and mentor.

Condolences to Barbara and Family. Let us know if there is anything you need.

Peace and Prayers from AZBillards:
Mike, Donna and Family


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R.I.P. Doug.

My sympathies to his family and friends (of which there are legions). It is my own misfortune that I only knew him through his writings here but even at that he touched me.

As a small tribute to the passing of this much loved man I went to his last post and sent him some rep:

I'm sure he is headed where the tables are all Gold Crowns and Diamonds and the house cues are all Ginas and Gus's. And the bass are all keepers.


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Rest in Peace Doug. A true friend to all.

I think AZ should rename the Main Forum in his honor as Smorgass Bored helped make this site what it is today, brought constant humor to us all, and his legacy here will truly live on forever.


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I also just texted a long time poster here and one that has been missed for quite some time as she no longer visits this board - Eydie Romano. She wanted Doug's family to know that she gives her condolences.


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Im sorry to have to pass the news on but Yesterday afternoon he left us and went to a better place. I got the call from Barbara his wife around 7pm. We have lost a forum member and a very very great man. Doug will always be remembered by me as my POPS and will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife right now as she moves on and has things to take care of..:(:(:(

I'm truely sadden by the news of Doug's passing, my prayer's go out to all his friends and family.

May Smorg's witty humor live on!, here at AZBilliards!

David Harcrow

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R.I.P. Doug

Into your hands, O Lord
we humble entrust our brother Doug.
In this life you embraced him with your tender love;
deliver him now from every evil
and bid him enter eternal rest.


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A sad indeed. I wish I were a more literate man, as to express what sits in my heart. Peace be with the faithful departed. My friend, you always made me laugh.


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His last post on AZ. Let's rep him one last time.

You and so many others here have been such good support and friends over the years and I treasure each and every one of you.

The results of the test were not encouraging and the course that the VA has planned is unacceptable.I have no life, no joys, no comfort and no sense of humor.

I have reached a decision. I'm tired and worn out and no longer have the strength, energy or willpower to continue the battle.

I pray that my online friends can forgive me and have enjoyed the ride. half as much as I have.

I love you all,

*Please try to help my wife Babarba through these difficult times. I have taught her how to log on under my account.

Rep him here:


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I have said on here that Smorg was my hero, in jest I suppose. However he is a real Hero to many. I never met him, we did share a few PM's, and a lot of laughs. He is and always will be the "Smorgmaster of Spice" to me. He will be missed, but never forgotten. RIP friend.

"Old Marines never die.........." Semper Fi



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I didn't know Doug, only through a few replies here on the board, But a man is not judged by the words he speaks, rather by the lives he touches along the way. I can truly say that Doug is sitting at the right side of his father at this moment, at peace, content in his journey. The sentiments expressed here over the past few days, are a testament to that fact. Doug was, is and will forever be one of the great ones, that any of us can only hope to mimic in our own lives.

I do not grieve for him, as that is not how it is written, he has completed his tasks here on this earth and has moved on to the next journey. I pray for his family, so that they may find peace and understanding in is this difficult time. I offer prayer for those who wish..

"Lord, we come to you this day, humbled by your works, seeking guidance and understanding. Knowing that your will has be done and our dear friend is at your side. Help guide our thoughts through time time and lead us down a path that is righteous and clear. May your peace and love touch us all, and may we touch others as your faithful servant Doug has shown us to do. Our father we pray. Amen"

May each and every one of use look to the actions of Doug and how he has touched so many throughout his life. I feel saddened by the fact I never ment him, and feel the chance to meet a truly great man has been missed.

To his wife, Babarba, please know that from reading this board, and the words written about your husband, he is a great man, worthy of honor and respect. Do not shed a tear for him, shed them for the ones he left behind as we are the ones that still need help. Be strong and graceful in your journeys knowing that your husband was who is is.

Rev. Dennis