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My heart goes out to Doug's family and friends.

It's hard to believe how much sorrow I feel for the passing of man I've never met. It's been over 7 years now since I was first introduced to RSB and Doug in writing. A little research shows that Doug replied to a post I also replied to on December 31, 2001... New Year's Eve! Much time has passed since then and most of us from RSB transitioned to AZB. In that space of time, Doug has touched my heart as well as the hearts of many others with his great sense of humor and wit. He will be greatly missed.

RIP Doug.


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R.I.P Smorg

Sad news for a Monday morning.

Doug could always bring joy to a thread with his quirky posts. I'm sure he will be missed by many, as he is by me.

I am just glad that AZ forums has given me an opportunity to meet someone that I otherwise would have never had the chance to get to know.

One last VIOLA for you, Doug

jay helfert

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I didn't know Doug, only through a few replies here on the board, But a man is not judged by the words he speaks, rather by the lives he touches along the way. I can truly say that Doug is sitting at the right side of his father at this moment, at peace, content in his journey. The sentiments expressed here over the past few days, are a testament to that fact. Doug was, is and will forever be one of the great ones, that any of us can only hope to mimic in our own lives.

I do not grieve for him, as that is not how it is written, he has completed his tasks here on this earth and has moved on to the next journey. I pray for his family, so that they may find peace and understanding in is this difficult time. I offer prayer for those who wish..

"Lord, we come to you this day, humbled by your works, seeking guidance and understanding. Knowing that your will has be done and our dear friend is at your side. Help guide our thoughts through time time and lead us down a path that is righteous and clear. May your peace and love touch us all, and may we touch others as your faithful servant Doug has shown us to do. Our father we pray. Amen"

May each and every one of use look to the actions of Doug and how he has touched so many throughout his life. I feel saddened by the fact I never ment him, and feel the chance to meet a truly great man has been missed.

To his wife, Babarba, please know that from reading this board, and the words written about your husband, he is a great man, worthy of honor and respect. Do not shed a tear for him, shed them for the ones he left behind as we are the ones that still need help. Be strong and graceful in your journeys knowing that your husband was who is is.

Rev. Dennis

Thank you for this post about Doug and the impact he had on so many people through this forum. It really speaks to the power within all of us to make a difference in our lives in every way possible. Doug took an internet forum and made it into his "pulpit" where he impacted people in a positive way every day.

The best way we can remember Doug is to follow his example in our lives. And that can extend well beyond this forum. I'm certain Doug operated the same way in his life beyond the forum as well. I'm sure he is sorely missed by his family and friends and by his community also. He touched many lives we don't even know about.

I would love to hear any stories about Doug and his activities in the community he lived in. A life well lived Doug Wiley!

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Smorgass Bored and Jim Meador

Losing Doug brings to mind the loss of Jim Meador of the old RSB days.

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Jeez Doug, now Jimbo will claim you went and died just because you were afraid to meet him............... :)


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I have been reading threads on AZ for a while now, and always enjoyed everything Doug had to say. Just when I finally start posting, hoping that sometime he would reply to one of my postings, he leaves us.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

He would have to be the first inductee into the AZ Billiards Hall of Fame for me!!

RIP Doug

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Im sorry to have to pass the news on but Yesterday afternoon he left us and went to a better place.

What a lousy way to start a new week... my sincere condolences to Barbara and Doug's family and close friends.

I first ran into Smorg on RSB like most people here, and soon found myself on the end of his sharp wit. He gave me a hard time for being an English-Canadian and threatened to 'bop' me for it on more than on occasion. Oddly enough I never felt he meant any of it - he was just putting me in my place. I tried hard to 'top' his lines but he always seemed to have another up his sleeve. In fact, at one time, there was a vote to see who everybody thought was the 'funniest poster' on RSB. Smorg won handily, of course, but I was somewhat chuffed to come in second.

I had some CHF heart problems myself which were documented on RSB and I can clearly recall when Smorg was hospitalized and received a new aortic heart valve. He wrote...

When all else fails,
Take my advice.
Pull down your pants,
And slide on the ice.

*And I said...

I tried this stunt
And it ain't nice
The family jewels
Stuck to the ice...
When I got up
I felt quite pained
Cause when I left...
The skin remained.
The moral is
Ignore this stance
And keep your keester
In your pants...

It made him laugh at a time when it hurt him to laugh. I've met quite a few of the old RSB crew but never Doug, He was, however, on my list of people that I would have most liked to meet...


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I feel a little numb right now. I guess I was in denial that he would ever go. He just seemed like the bedrock of this forum. I didn't even know Doug but I'm in shock nonetheless. He sure left his mark here. As long as there is an AZ Forum Smorgass Bored lives!

Thanks for making this a better place Doug.

Well said Jay. It is hard for me to say anything at this point and like you I just feel numb.

Death is one of few absolutes in this life and some just seem so much bigger than that. Doug being the great man he is, I wonder if he ever really realized what an impact he made on so many. Somehow, I doubt it as he just didn't seem to take himself that seriously. I think the man was consumed with a lot of unconditional love. I admire that so much.

Well Doug, please know this, You will be truely missed.


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Im sorry to have to pass the news on but Yesterday afternoon he left us and went to a better place. I got the call from Barbara his wife around 7pm. We have lost a forum member and a very very great man. Doug will always be remembered by me as my POPS and will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife right now as she moves on and has things to take care of..:(:(:(

Sorry to hear this news, he really knew how to light up this forum. His humor and quit wit will be missed.:(


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I am sorry to hear about losing such a highly esteemed forum member. All the best to his friends & family through this difficult time.