The passing of Paul E. Huebler


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It is with a heavy heart to announce the passing of Paul E Huebler. He was not only a great Cue builder, and a very dear friend. Paul passed shortly after 1 pm on the 8th of June. Services will be held on Monday at the St. George Catholic Church 6:13 Main St., Linn MO viewing will be at 10 AM mass will begin at 11 AM
He will be greatly missed.
Terry Bajorek
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I have been missing Paul for many years now....never got close to his shop to have a visit or to see him after he retired. He was always a must visit at the Trade Show and we exchanged many ideas about cues, the sport, the billiard industry in general.

I think the last time I saw him was at Mr. B's Steakhouse in the long since gone Frontier Casino on the Strip in LV. It was one of my favorite spots as it was his....RIP Mr. Huebler.....


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So sorry to hear that Terry. He was certainly a pioneer of the business and a fair, honest cue maker who did his best 100% of the time. He was also one of the most productive cue makers. He will long be remembered in this business.


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That is Sad news. The first cue stick I ever purchased was a Huebler it looked like a sneaky peat. It has been many years since. I have been remembering that cue a lot the past few months. Mr. Huebler was a great asset to the pool industry he will be greatly missed.


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Sad day

Very sad to hear this...he was a great cue maker and true craftsman.

I sure hope he will have a wonderful headstone.

R.I.P Paul.



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Rest in piece Mr. Huebler. After 25 years of cue collecting I found my first Huebler cue in a second hand store a few weeks ago. It is a early sneaky and I am thrilled to add it to my collection. God speed Paul.
My condolences go out to family and friends.


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Sorry to hear of his passing. I never met Mr. Huebler but spoke to him over the phone many times. He had a passion for pool Cues and guns, two of my favorite subjects. I would call to ask about a cue and all of a sudden see that a half hour had gone by.

Guess I had better find Manwon's Huebler thread in the gallery and bump it up, a lot of beautiful Cues posted there.


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Terry, I know how close you were with Paul, and my condolences to you, Paul's other friends and his family.

Paul made a huge contribution to cuemaking and the billiard community

Rest in peace Mr. Huebler

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Sorry to hear the news. Mr. Huebler was not only a master craftsman, but an innovative one as well, who helped set a high standard for quality in the field of cue making.
Rest in peace Mr. Huebler.

Scott Lee

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Totally agree with you Tramp. While some posters have had some disparate things to say about Huebler cues, I was certainly not one of them. I never saw, or played with a Huebler cue that I thought was not only substandard, but I thought they were great playing cues. I had the chess piece cue for many years. It played great, imo. RIP Mr. Huebler...say hi to Jim McDermott, Gus Szamboti, Eugene Balner, George Balabushka, Mssrs. Paradise, Rambow, and a host of other great cuemakers gone by! :thumbup:

Scott Lee

Sorry to hear the news. Mr. Huebler was not only a master craftsman, but an innovative one as well, who helped set a high standard for quality in the field of cue making.
Rest in peace Mr. Huebler.


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Sad news, may you rest in peace Paul Huebler.
Part of cue making's list of legendary best.
Legions of players love their cues made by Paul.
Many who purchased one of his cues never sold it, and consider the cue to be one of their prized possessions.
I own one of his great cues and it will stay with me for the duration.

I last saw Paul here in Kansas City at the 2000 BCA Show, hard at work as always.
Paul and his loved ones and friends will be in my thoughts.

Will Prout
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