Wacked tournament payouts.


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Is it me or do these payouts seem kind of lopsided?

Don't get me wrong.
I am all for the winner making a decent chunk of change, but $1500 for first and $75 bucks for 5th?


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if it was 1200- 900 or something it would almost be a guaranteed chop. I like the idea of making 1st payout higher to people will actually play.


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To me it just looks like a tournament that tried to make the payout of its tournament look more impressive with a big number for 1st place. $1500 is a decent score, if they spread the money out more then all of the sudden the 1st place prize does not look so impressive and the tournament does not get to look so important when communicating the results, which are likely only normally going to mention 1st and 2nd and not mention that 5th place got the shaft.


I am Keyser Söze
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Good thing it's not a weekly or monthly cause payouts like that would kill it in the long run.
It would cause less "filler" people to participate and therefore have less money in the event, as a result, if they know they can't win, and that it's a total waste of time if they cash anyway.


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That does seem out of whack. I remember Nevel saying he was quitting pool to make cues. Guess he changed his mind.


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The tourney promised $1500 added, $1500 to 1st, and 100% of entries paid out. Looks OK to me.


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I dunno, I see the logic. It's more or less each place down earns just under half the money of the guy above. Except... that difference in payout is normal for 1st to second. But usually for 3rd and below, the difference in money is more like 20% rather than 100% >_<

I dunno, I guess the money just wasn't there. Once you make a guarantee of 1500 for first... this is about the best you can do while honoring that promise, if you only have ~3 grand total.

Do you guys figure the players prefer it that way? A decent payday for coming in 1st or 2nd, and almost none of the pot for 3rd or worse? Or would they rather have an even spread and slightly worse payouts all around?


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Well, How many players total where there? If there wasn't that many, than it could be worse, 5th/6th could have gotten a "Thanks for playing" instead.

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How about these payouts?

In the beginning of June, the new founded Nordic Billiard Council (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) will be putting on their first event.

It will be 8-ball, the top 8 players from each of the 4 countries will be seeded in the main tournament, consisting of 64 players. First prize will be 5 000 Euro.

So far so good.

This is the prize money in $$

1. $ 6 400
2. $ 1 930
3. $ 960 each, 2 players
5. $ 320 each, 4 players
9. $ 165 each, 8 players

Will I travel to this tournament, which will be in Norway?



Because the qualifiers for the 64 players main event runs on Thursday and Friday, and are single elimination. We need to pay in advance for the spots we want, and if I went I would have bought spots in 3 of the 4 qualifiers in advance. (max).

This would cost me about $ 250 in entryfee. (would also cover banquet + shuttle to hotel). Add 2 days off work, $ 300 for hotel, $ 250-400 in transportation/gas/flight etc + food.

The seeded 32 players get free entry + hotel covered.

Mika Immonen and Marcus Chamat will be there, so most likely one of them will win.

If I make it through the qualifiers, I will draw one of the top 8 players from either of the 4 countries. Not an impossible task, but very difficult. Still, I will need to win 2 matches to get into the money, so to beat one of these are not enough.

And if I manage to get in the money, the payouts are ridicilous. Even with a brutal format and field like that, I won't break even if I finish 5th, which would be an outstanding performance by me...

I know Mika would probably not have played in this event if the first prize was much less, but all the others would have played if it was like $ 3000 and the rest of the first prize was given to those who finish 5th and 9th...

I predict few qualifiers for this event. Sad, really, because I think a new federation of those 4 countries certainly has a big potential...


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Is it me or do these payouts seem kind of lopsided?

Don't get me wrong.
I am all for the winner making a decent chunk of change, but $1500 for first and $75 bucks for 5th?

Looks like they almost doubled the amount of each place to get to the next. I've been running tournaments for ten years and have never seen this. Wow!

But, with what TimKrazyMon says about how it was advertised, I guess I can kinda see it.

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Is it me or do these payouts seem kind of lopsided?

Don't get me wrong.
I am all for the winner making a decent chunk of change, but $1500 for first and $75 bucks for 5th?

I agree, a bit top heavy. They could have done much better paying $1,000 to first.

Check this out, with the same money for the top five places: 1. $1,000 2. $650 3. $450 4. $320 5-6. $200
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I was always an advocate of the money doubling as you moved up. I do wonder how many players they had. Just to see if they paid 25% of the field which i also am in favor of. But it is a hard thing to do, double the monies and pay 25% of the field. !:eek:

You need a good amount of added money to succeed in doing both.