• Treadway Cues
    Treadway Cues left a message on Fatboy's profile.
    Thanks I really appreciate it
  • Fatboy
    Fatboy left a message on Treadway Cues's profile.
    nice looking cue
  • Fatboy
    Fatboy left a message on Measle Ball's profile.
    i love the sound of real silver coins, take care-Eric :)
  • mrmagoo42
    mrmagoo42 left a message on 12310bch's profile.
    Thanks for the avatar I needed that!
  • R
    RADAR left a message on Fatboy's profile.
    Hi Eric, hey thanks for inviting me as friend. Do you have a pm for private conversation. Wanting to tell you about the conversation...
  • C
    CollinV left a message on mauge04's profile.
    i am interested in paying cash for the predator. How much are you asking for?
  • J
    JAW725 left a message on Big Bad Bern's profile.
  • DrewWhitehead
    DrewWhitehead left a message on shocked83's profile.
    Welcome to the club biggin
  • Brain71
    Brain71 left a message on BigDaddyICE's profile.
    He He.......
  • Thunderball
    Thunderball updated their status.
    You be friended...my first ever such request on this forum actually. Very cool feature.
  • Fatboy
    Fatboy left a message on bobroberts's profile.
    i live in LA as well so perhaps we can meet there too, I have a small house in LA and a monster in Vegas. I'd like to meet you. best eric:)
  • Fatboy
    Fatboy left a message on Thunderball's profile.
    lets be friends ok??? thanks again for the break speed App, take care buddy, eric
  • Fatboy
    Fatboy left a message on poolplayer2093's profile.
    For sure i will call you
  • Blackball75
    Blackball75 left a message on rackmsuckr's profile.
    Some kind of tumor.
  • R
    RADAR left a message on Fatboy's profile.
    How old of a Barry szam cue would you buy? How far back in years would you start? Radar
  • G
    gotpoolonbrain left a message on rogwin's profile.
    sent cue out priority mail should receive monday or tuesday 03092880000138145093 is the tracking #thanks greg
  • clunker6661
    clunker6661 left a message on pooldogue's profile.
    hey spanky, how are you. give me a buzz when you get a chance. 781 588 6661
  • BigDaddyICE
    BigDaddyICE left a message on Brain71's profile.
    What a match last night between Earl and Po. I would like to know how I lost that $10 tho. 9-8 given two games... Earl must have heard...
  • S
    snwbrd321 left a message on BryanMordt's profile.
    hey bryan i had emailed you regarding a cue i would like to have you make for me i have not heard anything back from you so i dont know...
  • IneedW8
    IneedW8 left a message on TheDragon's profile.
    Please PM offers. Thanks!
  • 12310bch
    12310bch left a message on Getnbzy's profile.
    it be done, J.R.
  • P
    PastPrime left a message on 12310bch's profile.
    I'll take a polished 50 cent piece. PastPrime
  • A
    axejunkie left a message on Casual Observer's profile.
    Thanks for the advice, very helpful. Really the damage is pretty minor, it's just a hassle more than anything. It could have been worse.
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