i live in LA as well so perhaps we can meet there too, I have a small house in LA and a monster in Vegas. I'd like to meet you.

What a match last night between Earl and Po. I would like to know how I lost that $10 tho. 9-8 given two games... Earl must have heard me talking about the arm pads he was wearing...lol better luck next time.
hey bryan i had emailed you regarding a cue i would like to have you make for me i have not heard anything back from you so i dont know if you recieved the email if you can let me know if this is the case i really look forward to working with you. you can contact me on here or email me at snwbrd321@hotmail.com

Hi Greg, maybe you can help me with a situation. I sold a Predator shaft to biglumberjack, and he said he had to transfer money into his PayPal account and should take one or two days and I agreed to that. I send PM'S with my PayPal address, which is also listed in the add to no avail. It seems as though my messages are'nt going through. My PayPal address is llgendler@comcast.net. Could you send him a PM, I tried so many times. Thanks --Larry

Call Me I live in the cities and could come up there and move your table. I don't know if you know Babe Winkleman, he lives in Brainerd and I recovered his table.

The Pool Table Guys
Jamie Pluta
Jamie Pluta
Where are you located? I can give you 700 but i have about 5 or 6 days when i get the money. call me on my cell 1-979-777-6178 my name is John asap
He said is was looking for one so I posted some pics open to offers including cash and trade.
Thankyou for your interest. Like the avatar, where is it from?
Kennan Keffer
Keffer Cue & Table Repair

P.S. If you are ever in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area
email or pm me and will let you know of good weekly and monthly tournament events, and have a opportunity to see and (touch) some great cues. :)


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