Hello, it has been a while. I have a 1x2 grey faux ostrich / Thomas. Good, but missing the medallion.
Ted,Thanks so much for the post about Don S .He was quite the character .
I still am enjoying the B Owen cue .
Chuck Goltry
I need a 8" cue extension for a Players SP made in brown rosewood, can you make one and what would be the cost?
Ron (in Maryland)
Hi Ron,
Yep I could make it for you. 8" long brown rosewood is $209 shipped as normal shipping carrier. Could ya send me pics of its butt end with/without rubber bumper via email danghoanghuy@gmail.com?

regarding my C-6 ;

As soon as I can get the battery charged for my camera, I'll snap a few pix.
Tried the phone thin and trying to get the phone to talk to the laptop is shear frustration.
Yea, I'm a crabby ol' fart with limited computer and phone skills. I'll send pix in an IM.
Appreciate your patience.

Hi! Roger Pettit I believe?? Mike Herron here from (mostly) the Name of the Game tavern.
Do you still do any cue repairs? I have an old Huebler cue that needs a new wrap. Looking for someone local rather than sending it off to Proficient Billiards.
Please let me know. I still have that Sneaky Pete I bought from you over 30+ years ago!
Hi, Thank you for the help with my ? about the Mezz joint. Just to be clear, if I buy a mezz cue with the United joint that has a 5/16x14 threaded pin will I be able to use my other 5/16x14 shafts on it? I think you say yes but I won't be able to use the United shaft on my other 5/16x14 butts. Correct?
Thanks again Mr Bye.
part II;
So, should you get a cancellation in the middle of a 'Plain
Jane', Merry Widow or Sneaky Pete send me a message, you know, the my Wife, she/my car it/
or my favorite, my dog he, I may be interested, or not but it won't hurt to ask and I may like
what you have too offer. so, please ask. Thanks

Newsheriffintown, Howdy;

I see that you get a lot of inquiries and I expect that you may get a few cancelations as well.
I don't much care for 'fancy', it doesn't make the cue any better and flashy things draw the
wrong kind of attention (IMO). continued.

Sorry, I have been camping and had NO internet, just got back an hour ago, you can also call or text, I am old school so calling is the best but any way you want to communicate is ok with me. Tom Harris, 407-963-1010
sir,could you please provide links for today, for those of us that cant seem to get on upstae als page? thank you for the link last time. on it all you have to do is click the red live icon.
regards, dave


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