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  • You are most likely right on this one. Back in the closet it goes. Appreciate your input Brother.........
    Thanks, you are right. It is John Davis' take off on traditional, teal instead of green-

    Stay well-

    Thanks for the heads up, I don't normally have time to clean the cues up that I sell, but with this old one, I might have to, thanks again.
    haha! I just sent Greg (Billiard Warehouse) an email to get a re-quote on a Lambros. Bout' time I own an awesome Lambros cue!
    Agreed, thanks for the message. It kinda seems that if you are the 10th best player at something and you say that you will not play any of the 9 above you, and even players below you who you have beaten need to spot you, then you are a joke.

    You are totally on point with your message

    Have a good one.
    yes I saw that tad, I have one from the same era, perhaps just a little more fancy-its the best hitting Tad I own. I cant remember what I paid for it, 4500? does that sound right. i will never sell it
    thanks, that is my best playing Tad of all of them, the other old one plays almost as good.

    I played with the "ring at the butt cap" PJ Tad for years until the finish wore off, I had it refinished by jerry franklin he saved the well broken in wrap, sadly Jerry passed away so I decided to retire the cue since it was in mint condition, i still play with it about every 2-3 weeks for a hour here and there, I like to mix up the cues I play with a little when I'm not playing good. I do have a main player and the occasional affaire with a mistress cue ;), It helps me get back in stroke faster-jay taught me that trick. I think Efren told Jay-it works. The new Tads suck!
    What about I-10 ??? San Jose Dick just told me to take I-10 to Texas from Vegas
    instead of I-40.
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