dual full splice 5 point compound miter


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This is a build that is soo far ahead of the curve in cue building, it will take cuemakers along time to play catch up! this is a first on a number of ground breaking levels in cue building! this is what makes Thomas one of the best cuemakers that ever lived! there is more to this than meets the eye! what do you think?


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That is an awesome cue on many levels. The curved mitered veneers and the veneered point going inside of the ivory point is truly unique. Very creative and will certainly be a contender for COTY 2013.

I would like to request permission to post pictures of this cue on the 2013 COTY Facebook page, or you can feel free to post them there Bill.


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Yepp, that right there is sweeeeet!

One thing about Thomas Wayne is he talks the talk because he can back it up with work like this. One incredible example of cue art circa 2013!!


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Amazing. Best cue of 2013 so far. I know we're only barely into February but I have a feeling this one will still be one of the best cues of the year in 11 months.


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Wow, TW has a way of making me like cue styles that I have never really cared for. I guess it's all in the design and execution!! Incredible cue indeed!


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I doubt any would expect less. Great example of functional Art.


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His designs are really outstanding...the execution is just breathtaking...


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Thomas' 30th anniversary cue is one of my favorite designs. This cue is better. Unreal.


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Wow. Just wow.

Thanks for showing this off. Very high level work of course. Beautifully executed and elegant.



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Thomas Wayne is a Genius..
Could have been anything he wanted to be..
Still can... :embarrassed2:
Glad he choose and likes Cuemaking.. :smile:

Steve, Grab this CUE!!!


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I just wish

I just wish one day I could be that good.
I not knocking it but I would have went a different way with that cue.
The cue is so damn beautiful but all is focused in the middle of it.
Take that middle section take it 1/2 and do a ivory handle with some matching ring work.
Take the middle design and incorporate it into a butt with smaller point work.
On my goodness I just feel in love!
I just wish I was that good to do that kind of work !
Outstanding build !