Who iz the nicest poster on AZB??


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Terry A. and here's why. Almost exactly a year ago, I moved back to the states after having lived the past 20 years in Japan. Not a big deal to most, but considering that I left Colorado when I was 20, and came back when I was 40. I spent my entire adult life in Japan, so you could only assume how intimidating moving back was for me having two kids and a wife to be responsible for. Terry, after hearing of my situation via one of my posts, pm'ed me out of the blue, and offered to give me a couple of pool videos to keep me entertained because at the time, I was in the middle of a job hunt and had lot's of free time on my hands. He even asked me to name a couple of my favorite players, or any particular games, or matches that I was interested in because he was pretty sure he had it in his collection. Within a week, I get a box full of Accu-Stats videos, not copies, and not home made videos, the real thing! Terry and I have never met in person, but the whole experience left me knowing that I have a friend out there.
So, this is probably the best time to once again say thanks to Terry, God bless, and wish you and your family a great holiday season.


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A runaway!!

A lot of nice posters on here. Doug, JoeyA, at least a dozen more could easily claim a tie for second place. Smokey makes a strong bid with his recent effort to help children and pool at the same time. However Terry wins this one at a walk. No contest. Day after day, year after year, the nicest person on the forum.

I'm #9333 and holding steady there though!



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Terry obviously wins by a landslide.

I must put forward my vote for second, which I view as a definitive as well.

Tate is a great asset to AZ. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge on Palmers as well as many other pool cues. He says little that doesn't directly answer someone's post and is always there to answer when he can. He has shown acts of kindness to numerous posters, myself included (thanks again for the pictures for my pool room).

Honorable Mention - too many to list (and more if most people on here could take a bit of humor rather than get offended)