Anyone have an opinion on this?

Mr. Wilson

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Long live "The Ghost" ... Get your cash ready..

Long live "The Ghost" ... Get your cash ready..

Here is all the info Im willing to provide on "Ghost of Megalodon" LD Shaft @ this time.........

The price will be $185 each..
The shaft is made of hand selected GRADE A+ Hard Rock Maple,one solid piece of wood, as oppose to glued wood
pie,or cone pieces to make up the entire shaft..
The tips are standard Kamui black medium..
The shafts come standard @ 30" in length (though can be shortened if desired)..
The science behind this Low Deflection shaft, I cant disclose until Patent is achieved..
Believe what you will, I however already know,what you all will come to find out soon enough, "Ghost of Megalodon" LD shafts ,
may not claim the throne of shafts, but it will stand among the best of them !!!!!!!!!!


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He is an AZ Billiards contributor, and you gotta give the guy credit for trying.
I wouldn't mind trying one out.
His sales approach may be a little odd, but I like the idea and hope he does well.
It's the guys that only use AZ to make a buck that I have issues with, regardless of what they are selling.


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For the moment, vaporware.....with a lot of smoke....:wink:

When/if there is an actual shaft, I will have an opinion on that if I get to try one.

It will be interesting to see what he produces...if he produces anything...

He does make a lot of noise and put on quite a show. We will see what the follow through is like. According to the claims the shafts will be the greatest thing history....:smile:


Paul Dayton

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Wow, a carefully selected rock maple shaft, What will they think of next? A price of $185 for a Kamuii tipped finished shaft is cheaper than the LD shafts. Still, to date all I see is a lot of marketing. The sort of which requires careful foot work when walking in open pastures, corrals, and barns.


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A lot of crap thrown at everyone, but no product or even proof there is a product to back it up. Annoying as hell if you ask me.


Russell Cues

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A good marketing pitch but still a load of crap. A solid maple shaft? Really? ! I never would have thought of it lol. No pic, no product =smoke and mirrors. If it sounds to good to be true...... out of solid maple, no enhancing.


Rick Geschrey
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I see it as someone who is going life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As far a the product goes, the market forces will alway prove to be the winner every time.

I hope his dreams and wishes come true.

You know what they say about being careful about what one wishes for because you have to be prepared for what may comes next if they do come true.




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I sure hope nobody sent down payment and will get Wheatbucks in return.
OB1 is readily available and RBC backs them up.


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Shoot, I came into this thread, saw Joey posted something about a snake oil salesman and bolted out then it occured to me, I don't sell shafts.:rotflmao1: