Happy Birthday Jay Helfert!


WO double hemlock
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Who else gets two separate birthday threads.....
...you high-rolling us?

Never the less ..happy birthday and thanx again for Pool Wars


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Happy B-Day Jay and many more.:thumbup:


Put another candle on your cold one.:smile:

jay helfert

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Thanks all! I just came back from a wonderful Catfish dinner cooked up by my oldest daughter. The ice cream pie over birthday cake served ala mode and hot was the final straw. I'M STUFFED!

Just want to share one card I got with you. It goes like this:

Another Birthday? Time to take the old guy oath. Raise you right hand and repeat the following,

I, Jay Helfert, being of questionable mind and aging body, do solemnly declare myself an OLD GUY and am hereby officially permitted to:

Scratch my butt in public, drive forever with my left blinker on, pass gas on a crowded elevator, mumble incoherently to myself, snore like a chainsaw, wear weird hats, call all teenagers "stupid little punks," constantly complain about my lower back and fall asleep with absolutely no warning!

Signed and witnessed below ___________________

I guess I just related to this card. :D


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Funny stuff there pal...!!

Have a great b-day, and remember what Mel Brooks says...''It's good to be The KING'',,,,,,OY..!!,,,,,,,,Alan.........


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Happy BD, Old Timer!

Steve in Phoenix


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYBIRD,your looking good for 75 years old.Also I hear your still playing pool. You're a great guy for POOL, so keep up the good work. I'm waiting for your next book. Good Luck,Good Health and have a great day. FastEddieF.