Happy birthday Terry Ardeno


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Happy Birthday!!!



PS: Moved away from Pittsburgh again. Now in the Great State of Texas.

Kickin' Chicken

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Happy birthday to you.

Kick up your feet, grab a cold one, get yourself a nice steak and maybe watch Earl put a spankdown on Johnny.

Enjoy your day to the fullest and many, many, happy returns. :thumbup::cool::thumbup:

Brian kc

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Happy Birthday Terry. Hope you have a great day and many more to come.
Ya gotta be a nice guy if you carry a name like that.

Terry A.

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Hey Terry,

Happiest of Birthdays!!! Hope your feeling well. :happy-birthday: You are one of AZB's Old Schoolers! Wishes for many, many more.



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Happy 52nd Terry

Many of us appreciate the knowledge you bestow on us.
And it's going to get a lot better....
..'cause I see you're finally playing with a full deck...:D